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Mission Statement

Provide services and resources to individuals who are suffering due to mental health issues, chemical addiction, and homelessness to become productive and self-sufficient.

Value Statement

We lead with dignity, respect, authentic commitment and collaborative strength.

Vision Statement

Empower homeless men, women and women with children to improve their lives through an accessible, integrated, and comprehensive recovery-oriented system of care.

Staff Value

Whole Person Care

We value a multifaceted approach to supporting each person (client, resident, community member) and their individual goals.

Respectful Work Environment

We create inclusive and supportive culture through encouragement, engagement, and trust. We promote a robust quality of life for all individuals.


We recognize and support the contributions made by each staff member and understand the power of partnerships.


We are visionaries who strive for excellence and innovation in all that we do.


My name is Yolanda Jackson

Executive Director of Nicole’s House of Hope

I am impassioned by the life-changing impact Nicole’s House of Hope will have on men and women who are homeless because of mental illness and drug addiction. I believe sincerely in our mission. I look forward to our many successes and sharing the joy with our friends, partners, sponsors, and clients. So many things have already been accomplished. I am eager to contribute my background and experience to build on this great mission and learn from all of you. It is important for me and I want to express that we are doing this together. I pledge to enhance our strengths and opportunities and continue to assist men, women, and families to build a productive and fulfilling future. We understand from experience, without solid supportive services, housing alone, is often insufficient to end homelessness. Nicole’s House of Hope aids with obtaining disability benefits, and job training and assists with acquiring permanent housing. Nicole’s House of Hope is dedicated to helping to eliminate homelessness for single men, single women and women with children due to mental illness and substance addiction in the Atlanta Area. Our organization was founded to help these individuals by providing temporary housing and supportive services that enable them to maximize their chances of stability and self-sufficiency. Our 5 homes, 4 apartments and 65 beds provide the resources necessary for our clients to acquire and maintain permanent housing. The services we provide are tailored to meet the needs of each individual resident and based on their specific situations and goals. The quality of housing and services for our residents is the key to their success and accomplishments. We operate our residential homes with respect and dignity for each resident. We encourage them to see themselves and their potential the same way. Nicole’s House of Hope realizes that homelessness, addiction and mental illness, alone or together can be extremely challenging to overcome without genuine support. We are here to assist them on their paths to stability. We believe that the best response is supportive services that help our residents stay on their path of personal development and growth.


Meet the Team

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